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Farm Progress Show 2018 has come and gone. We got a bit muddy, busted myths and set records. It was a great show.

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Farm Progress Show 2018

Busting Myths

Ryan Myers, U.S. Corn Category Lead for Pioneer, talks about recent efforts to inform growers that the genetics they find in a Pioneer seed bag can only be found in a Pioneer seed bag…Hear more

Giving Samples and Speeches

During the week of Farm Progress Show, Pioneer® brand Plenish high oleic soybean oil was used in the Pioneer tent to serve more than 10,000 samples to show-goers. At the same time, Brian Buckallew, Corteva Agriscience specialty soybeans business manager, spoke about the benefits of Plenish oil at the U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange & Midwest Specialty Grains Conference in Kansas City. Learn more about Plenish here.

Doubling-Down on Agronomic Efforts

Pioneer is committed to making sure quality experts are in the field, providing growers with timely and knowledgeable insights. From how-to videos, to scouting guides to management advice, Pioneer agronomists are growing in number to help growers make those important decisions year-round…Learn more

Crop Insights

Identifying and Controlling Common Waterhemp

Pioneer Product Agronomist Lance Wolosek has been seeing common waterhemp on nearly all of his acres in northern Wisconsin and central Minnesota. Wolosek wants to help growers identify common waterhemp versus other common weeds…Hear more

Assessing Soybean Stem Borer Pressure

Now is the time to assess bean fields for overall soybean stem borer pressure levels. Pioneer Field Agronomist John Mick highlights what to look for when assessing the threat stem borers currently pose…Hear more

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