South Dakota Grower Sets Yield Record with Pioneer Brand Soybean Seed


Union County Farmer Breaks 100-Bushel Yield Mark for the Second Year in a Row

DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 6, 2016 ‐ South Dakota grower Scott McKee won the 2015 South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest with 106.6 bushels per acre, breaking his previous record of 103.7 bushels per acre set in 2014. McKee used Pioneer® variety P25T51R soybeans in combination with cutting-edge management strategies to achieve his record yields on his Union County farm.

McKee noted his modified fertilizer program, variation in crop protection practices and planting population modifications as key parts of his winning strategy, but also emphasized the important role Pioneer® brand seed plays in his annual success, both in contest fields and on his production acres. His local Pioneer team of sales professionals and DuPont Pioneer agronomy experts also support his yield-boosting efforts each season.

"This was my first year using P25T51R soybeans for my contest field, and they really delivered," said McKee. "I chose them based on the data available on performance, and because they have good standability in my soil type; they took off very quickly in the spring and shaded out the weeds. There was virtually no shatter at combining, and the yield was impressive."

South Dakota growers won six first-place category awards using Pioneer® brand varieties in 2015, and won three quality contest categories this year.

"Congratulations to Scott and all the growers who won with Pioneer® brand soybean varieties in South Dakota," said Bill Even, DuPont Pioneer commercial unit lead. "It's growers like Scott who are showing 100-plus-bushel soybeans are a reality when they combine astute management with rock star varieties like P25T51R."

P25T51R is a mid-Group II variety with high-yield potential, soybean cyst nematode (SCN) protection and stacked phytophthora protection. It is a shorter plant type with reliable standability that is adapted across a wide range of soil types and delivers strong performance.

"We also had great results with Pioneer® brand T-series soybeans on our production acres in 2015, even in reduced population, 30-inch row plantings," McKee said. "We will definitely be using them again in 2016, and are looking at even more ways to improve our management practices to continue to advance our yields."

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